How to Deal with Meat Cravings

Hey everyone! Today’s topic is how to handle meat cravings. When you’re a new vegetarian it isn’t uncommon to start to crave meat at certain times. Hopefully after reading this post, the tips I give will be able to help you manage those cravings.

Personally I have not had any cravings for meat but I have talked to several other vegetarians and they have given me some tips on what to do with the cravings in a meatless way. My first tip is to eat meat substitutes. Some brands have tofu based foods that have a meat like taste and texture and this can really help to minimize those cravings. One brand that I have tried that is pretty good is Gardein. This brand makes so many types of meatless food that actually tastes really good. My favorite food item from this brand would have to be the Barbecue Chickn Wings. These wings taste very similar to actual chicken and i ate them years ago when I wasn’t even vegetarian. I definitely recommend this brand. Here’s a link to their website.

Another tip would be to use the same spices that you would use on meat on vegetables. This way you can still get a similar taste to the meat you were eating previously, but without the meat. You could put these spices on “meatier” vegetables like portobello mushrooms and eggplant. When putting these spices on the meatier vegetables can give you the feeling that you’re eating meat, even though you aren’t.

Lastly, remind yourself why you chose to be vegetarian. If it was for the rights of animals, then picture meat with a face. If you chose to be vegetarian because you didn’t like the taste of meat, then remember that you don’t like meat and that you don’t need it. Don’t let these cravings change the way you eat, just try to focus on why you chose this diet in the first place and this should make the cravings go away or at least minimize them.

I hope that these tips can help you maintain or minimize your meat cravings. Vegetarianism can be hard, but as long as you focus on the bigger picture and why you chose this diet, then the cravings should begin to subside. Here’s a video on dealing with cravings.

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next time!


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