The Cons of Being Vegetarian

Hey everybody! Today I will be talking about the cons of being vegetarian :/. I would definitely say that there are more pros than cons when it comes to being vegetarian, however there are quite a few cons.

First lets start with the biggest con of them all: sometimes it’s hard to find vegetarian options when going out to eat. I have this problem all the time. Sometimes, I don’t want to be stuck getting a salad every time I go out and it would be nice if restaurants had more vegetarian options. Some restaurants do have garden burgers, but most do not and it’s kind of annoying sometimes.

Another con would be that sometime people say stupid things when they find out you’re vegetarian. Whenever people find out that I am vegetarian they usually always say something like “you don’t know what you’re missing” or ” why would you do that?” It gets kind of annoying sometimes and people don’t realize that the questions they’re asking are kind of stupid lol.

Another con would be that sometimes, you end up eating worse than you would if you ate meat. Some places, like the dining center, have literally no vegetarian options so you just end up eating junk food to fill up. At the dining center, 99% of the time there are no vegetarian options besides the salad bar and cheese pizza and that is mostly what my diet consists of since I’ve been here.

Lastly, some of the items you think may be vegetarian are not. Some veggie soups, cheeses, tortillas, candies, and even beer (even though I don’t drink beer since I’m not 21) are not vegetarian. Some veggie soups are cooked with some sort of meat stock and some candies contain gelatin and that is not vegetarian. That one hurt me the most because gummy candy is probably my favorite thing in the world and I don’t eat it anymore. To see more foods that you thought were vegetarian but actually aren’t click here.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!





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